Tranont ENRICH Digestive Enzyme Probiotics

ENRICH Digestive Enzyme




Instant Benefits:

  • Experience enhanced digestion, augmented nutrient absorption, and increased comfort after meals.

Sustained Benefits:

  • Attain a balanced and steadfast microbiome for sustained well-being.

How are ENRICH Digestive Enzymes Better?

Our product stands out with its comprehensive enzyme blend, proficient in aiding the digestion of the five principal food groups. It also incorporates stabilized probiotics and prebiotics, reinforcing intestinal robustness and resilience.

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ENRICH is one of the most potent digestive-enzymes available, this mix of digestive enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics aids in fostering gut health and efficient digestion. This enables your body to derive the highest nutritional benefit from the foods you consume.
Consume one to two capsules with lighter meals or three capsules if consuming a larger meal.

Ingredients label for ENRICH

All-In-One Digestive Health Solution

Even with a consistent healthy eating habit, the benefits can be insignificant without an appropriate enzyme profile, as the nutrients may just pass through your system. Given that proteins, plant fibers, carbohydrates, and fats each require different breakdown processes, a diverse range of enzymes is essential for optimal digestion. ENRICH by Tranont provides a comprehensive enzyme blend designed to aid in promoting healthy digestion, effective nutrient absorption, and holistic well-being.





What is Inside ENRICH Digestive Enzymes?



With aging, the body’s ability to efficiently break down various foods diminishes. This not only results in insufficient absorption of vital nutrients but can also cause discomfort and bloating. ENRICH by Tranont incorporates a combination of 11 potent digestive enzymes designed to enhance and support the digestion of all main food groups—such as gluten, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, dairy, and fats.


Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that aid in lining the digestive tract, enhancing digestion, and combating harmful bacteria in your gut. The probiotic blend in ENRICH by Tranont is subjected to a unique fermentation process, enhancing its bioavailability and bolstering its capacity to support ideal digestive health. This process also aids in maintaining a harmonious balance in the microbiome and fostering the appropriate absorption of nutrients.


The efficacy of an exemplary digestive supplement is marked by the incorporation of both probiotics and prebiotics. Probiotics play a crucial role in sustaining a healthy equilibrium of microorganisms in your digestive tract, which is vital for achieving optimal health. The prebiotic food blend in ENRICH by Tranont is rich in potent nutrients that nourish these probiotic strains. This nourishment enables them to flourish and sustain within your intestinal tract.


Inulin, derived from the chicory root, is a pivotal component of our prebiotic food blend in ENRICH by Tranont. This ingredient is significant for enhancing digestive well-being as it is rich in dietary fiber. This fiber serves as a source of nourishment for the probiotic strains residing in your intestines, promoting the proliferation of beneficial gut bacteria and fostering overall gastrointestinal health.


Glutamine, an amino acid and a fundamental element of protein, contributes to overall wellness by aiding in gut functionality and the digestive journey. Present in ENRICH, it plays a pivotal role in promoting the health of both the digestive system and the brain, enhancing athletic output, and ensuring the well-being of the intestines.

Benefits of Tranont Enrich


Enrich incorporates a range of enzymes meticulously chosen to aid in the digestion of all five primary food groups and is designed to acclimate to various stomach acid pH levels.

This all-encompassing aid for digestive wellness assists you in managing hard-to-digest foods such as proteins, fats, and intricate carbohydrates present in both natural and processed foods prevalent today.


Can be combined with Tranont Transform, Tranont ENRICH or Tranont GLOW Collagen products. See all Tranont Canada products for the full line up of health and wellness products.

Enrich Benefit of improved digestion

Specialized cells within your body produce digestive enzymes essential for breaking down food.

However, elements like age, stress, lifestyle, and genetics may inhibit enzyme production, constraining your body’s access to crucial nutrients. Enrich by Tranont steps in here—it revitalizes those enzymes, fostering superior nutrient breakdown and assimilation, subsequently bolstering intestinal resilience and underpinning a robust digestive system.

Improved nutrient absorption
Less Bloating After Meals

Tranont Enrich employs probiotics (beneficial bacteria) and prebiotics (nourishment for the beneficial bacteria) to establish a harmonious, healthy milieu in the stomach.

Consider this as your everyday infusion of equilibrium and stability. Moreover, with the synergistic action of 11 essential enzymes, you can embrace enhanced digestive processes and savor the sensation of well-being following a satisfying meal.

Comfort and less bloating after meals with Tranont ENRICH digestive enzymes
Tranont ENRICH Digestive Enzyme Probiotics

ENRICH Digestive Enzyme



    $82 CAD $89 with Subscribe & Save

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why are enzymes crucial, and what is their function?
    Enzymes, created by special cells in your body, are vital as they assist in transforming foods into nutrients, making them accessible for the body. When the body fails to digest certain foods, those foods are expelled without yielding any nutritional benefits. Typically, most enzymes are specialized to break down specific types of food, including carbohydrates, sugars, fats, proteins, or dairy.
    How many distinct enzymes are included in this product?

    Enrich integrates 11 diverse enzymes, each designed to facilitate the digestion of specific foods. They are categorized as follows:

    • For gluten & proteins: protease I, peptidase, serrapeptidase, protease II
    • For carbohydrates: amylase, invertase, maltase
    • For fiber: hemicellulose and cellulase
    • For dairy and fats: lactase and lipase
    What differentiates a probiotic from a prebiotic?
    Probiotics are live beneficial bacteria in the digestive system essential for maintaining gut health, enhancing digestion, and combating harmful bacteria. Since probiotics are living entities, they require nutrients or “food” to sustain and flourish. Prebiotics serve as this nutrient source, fueling the beneficial bacteria in your gut.
    How do probiotics function?
    Probiotics are benevolent gut bacteria that help in lining the digestive tract, aiding digestion, and suppressing harmful bacteria. Their successful function generally equates to improved overall health!
    Are prebiotics safe to use?
    Indeed, prebiotics are safe when consumed as advised. While our bodies acquire them from consumed food, it’s advisable to include prebiotics in your daily routine to elevate nutrient intake if needed.
    Can Enrich enhance post-meal comfort?

    Absolutely! Enrich is effective in alleviating bloating, diminishing gas, and may also contribute to improved energy and mood.

    How does Enrich assist in nutrient absorption?
    Given the diverse breakdown processes of proteins, plant fibers, carbohydrates, and fats, a broad spectrum of enzymes is essential for optimum digestion. Enrich provides enzymes that span all the primary food categories, enabling enhanced digestion and superior nutrient uptake from consumed foods.
    Could this product aid in skin clarification?

    A substantial link exists between gut and skin health, known as the gut-skin axis. Consequently, optimizing gut health could potentially facilitate healthier, clearer skin.

    Does Enrich contain any allergens, and is it GMO-free?
    Enrich is devoid of shellfish and peanuts and is non-GMO.
    Can you get these enzymes from food alone?
    While it’s possible, acquiring adequate amounts solely from food is challenging. Furthermore, certain factors like age, stress, lifestyle, and genetics may impair enzyme production, necessitating the integration of a digestive enzyme blend into your daily routine for sustained nutrient access.
    What are some prominent ingredients in Enrich?

    Enrich contains Licorice root, a robust antioxidant supporting digestion and cellular health; Artichoke, nutrient-rich, improves digestive well-being; Inulin, a dietary fiber beneficial for digestive health; and Glutamine, an amino acid promoting digestive, brain health, and athletic performance.

    What is the role of serrapeptidase in Enrich?

    Serrapeptidase is a systemic enzyme aiding in transforming food into energy and is chiefly used to decompose proteins into amino acids.

    Why is lipase included in Enrich, and what is its function?

    Lipase, a fat-processing enzyme, is essential for alleviating stomach discomfort and enhancing nutrient absorption, making it a principal component in our proprietary enzyme blend.

    What is the purpose of including papain in Enrich?

    Papain specializes in decomposing even the most resilient proteins and is a central component in our proprietary enzyme blend.

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