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Convert Sugar into Fiber Enzymes


This is a revolutionary natural enzyme that turns sugar to fiber.

TRANSFORM by Tranont reduces glucose naturally, without side effects or use of drugs.


  • Helps in maintaining stable blood sugar levels, enhances glucose metabolism, and assists the body in transforming food into energy.
  • May help in enhancing overall well-being, digestive health, regular bowel movements, and reducing inflammation, among other benefits.


It utilizes natural components that create efficient blood sugar control, a vital factor for sustaining your best health.

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Converts Your Meal’s Glucose/Sugar to Fiber

Reduce Your Glucose Calories

Aids in Healthy Fat Loss

How Does TRANSFORM Sugar to Fibre Work?

It is an innovative enzyme blend that aids glucose metabolism and assists in maintaining blood sugar levels more efficiently.


Imagine a magical helper in your body that transforms unnecessary sugar into something that’s good for you! That’s exactly what Tranont’s TRANSFORM does. Let’s explore how this fantastic supplement helps you lead a healthier life. Now available at Tranont Canada as well!

A Simple Change from Bitter to Sweet:
To understand how our product works, picture an unripe apple: it’s bitter because it’s full of starch. But as it ripens, it turns sweet because the starch changes into sugar, thanks to helpful enzymes. TRANSFORM contains similar friendly enzymes that work to help you digest your food more efficiently, making sure you get all the goodness from what you eat.

Turning Sugar into Fiber:
Here comes the magical part! TRANSFORM pills starts turning the sugars from your food into fiber, a process that helps you feel fuller without adding extra calories. This means less sugar/glucose turns into unwanted calories, helping you to avoid gaining weight.

It’s a revolutionary way to enjoy your meals without worrying about the sugar content.

A Smarter Way to Enjoy Your Food:
Most of us eat more sugar than our body needs, which can lead to several health problems over time. But with TRANSFORM, you can reduce the amount of glucose your body absorbs from food by a whopping 50-90%, promoting a healthier and happier you.

Boosting Your Health, the SUGAR TO FIBER Way:
It’s a well-known fact that managing your sugar intake is a straight path to better health. With TRANSFORM, it becomes easier to control your blood sugar levels, helping you to avoid several health issues commonly associated with high sugar consumption.

Choose SUGAR INTO FIBER WITH TRANSFORM: Your reliable friend in maintaining a balanced and joyful lifestyle, free from the worries of glucose and sugar!

benefits of converting sugar to fiber using Tranont TRANSFORM
This innovative enzyme blend aids in glucose metabolism and is effective in maintaining blood sugar levels within a healthy range.
Consume 1-2 capsules with 8 oz of water during each meal. For best results, take one hour prior to eating.

Discover the Game-Changer in Blood Sugar Control and Management

Joining hands with the brightest minds in the field of enzymes and probiotics, we have created the amazing SUGAR TO FIBER supplement.

SUGAR TO FIBER – a remarkable leap forward in the world of science. This revolutionary supplement, perfected over many years of rigorous testing, is finally here to transform your approach to sugar management.

Tranont has a patent-pending creation stands as a beacon of hope for many, offering a simple yet effective solution to controlling blood sugar levels. What sets TRANSFORM apart is its unique ability to change sugars and glucose into beneficial fiber.

And the best part? It promises to bring down your glucose levels without the need for surgeries, adverse effects, medications, or injections.

Choose TRANSFORM and convert SUGAR TO FIBER and take a step towards a healthier, happier, and more balanced life, all while enjoying your favorite meals without a worry. Embrace the innovation that makes sugar management as easy as popping a pill!

Who is Tranont TRANSFORM for?

It’s for anyone looking to control their blood sugar and glucose levels.

Most of us could use a helping hand when it comes to enhancing digestion and extracting more nutrients from the food we consume while lowering glucose numbers.

It’s a fact: the majority of us have diets that necessitate a more vigilant approach to controlling our glucose levels, especially since a staggering 80% of people encounter issues that make glucose management essential. Moreover, the nutrients and enzymes naturally present in our food often get lost due to extensive processing and pasteurization, leaving our bodies craving the support they need for optimal digestion.

TRANSFORM Converts SUGAR TO FIBER: Your Trusted Partner for a Healthier Life!

Reliable, safe, and crafted from nature’s finest, TRANSFORM is here to bridge the gap in your diet. Created with utmost purity in the USA, this supplement is a powerhouse of plant-based goodness designed to harmonize with your body’s natural processes. Its reputation is backed by certifications from NSF and ANAB, renowned organizations that guarantee its safety and efficacy.

For those mindful of their dietary choices, you’ll be pleased to know that TRANSFORM is non-GMO, gluten-free, and entirely vegan-friendly.

Integrating it into your routine couldn’t be simpler: just take a capsule before your meal, and let it work its magic, promoting better digestion, higher fiber intake, and helping you derive the maximum nutrients from your meals.

Embrace the natural path to wellness with this supplement everyone needs in their daily regime. Because everyone who enjoys food deserves the best that science and nature can offer, combined harmoniously in TRANSFORM.

Who is TRANSFORM for - converting Sugar into Fiber

Example of Blood Glucose Results of Using Transform

High Carb Meal Test & Result

Meet John, one of our valued customers who is insulin-resistant. Thanks to his continuous glucose monitor, he could witness the amazing results of using TRANSFORM by Tranont to convert SUGAR TO FIBER in real-time. His experience is a testament to the rapid and efficient action of our supplement.

He conducted an experiment with two identical meals on separate days to truly gauge the effectiveness of converting SUGAR TO FIBER Here’s what he observed:

MEAL ONLY: During the first test, without the aid of TRANONT TRANSFORM SUGAR TO FIBER ENZYME, his blood sugar levels spiked significantly, and this high level persisted for a lengthy 3.5 hours, showcasing the challenges his body faces in managing glucose effectively.

MEAL + TRANSFORM PILLS: The transformation when he took TRANSFORM to help convert the glucose/sugar to fiber before the second meal was nothing short of remarkable. This time, the glucose spike was noticeably smaller, showcasing a significant improvement in his blood sugar control. Moreover, this minor spike was short-lived, lasting for a mere 1.3 hours, allowing him to return to stable levels much faster.

By taking the TRANSFORM supplement, he was able to enjoy his meal without worrying about long-lasting spikes in blood sugar levels, illustrating the life-changing benefits this supplement can bring to individuals grappling with insulin resistance. You too can experience this kind of control and freedom  – the path to a healthier, happier you!

Can be combined with Tranont Transform, Tranont ENRICH or Tranont GLOW Collagen products. See all Tranont Canada products for the full line up of health and wellness products.

blood glucose results using Tranont TRANSFORM

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